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Cheryl Nagel
Wonderful service. I ordered online takeaway and was greeted with happiness and good thiughts
Bill Cuttance
I ordered takeaway last evening When I got to pick up my order I suffered a "turn" of some kind I half fainted and then was sick Firstly I apologise for causing you concern I fully recognise that the last thing you want Is someone being visibly ill in front of Customers My deepest apologies Secondly I would like to Thank u all for your solicitude and Empathic attitude at my time of crisis I am suffering a very bad dose of the flu My wife was at her daughters place and I just craved a veg curry So foolishly I came and picked it up Not realising how very sick I was Thank you again for your concern and help At this time In any case when I got home I was too Sick to it but will do so tonite With my kindest regards Bill cuttance
Conrad Becker
Nan was great my mild Bombay beef was great very rich sauce with mystic herbal flavours, my wife's vegetable Bhakti spices Were great veggies a little overdone, Basmati rice was cooked well and our mixed entree was delicious. Our whole experience from selecting on line and paying, receiving our invoice and getting our estimated time of pickup were spot on. One slight complaint was I never received a login password.??
Mick Williams
ready on time best butter chicken ever indir you've done it again
Andrew Meldrum
I ordered a butter chicken to takeaway. It was delicious, but when I opened the container at home I was stunned to find that it did not come with any rice - just the chicken and sauce? It didn't even occur to me that I might need to order rice separately.
David Wise
The food at Magic of India is always very good - was more interested in ZWIFT as it was a very effective online ordering tool and I can see that it took pain out on phone orders
Greg Black
Been going there for years and never been disappointed.
Mick Williams
as always guys nailed awesome thanks
Gail Walford
Delicious food and great service.
Angela Ryan
Delicious food !
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